About Us

Canadian Junior Golf Association’s Mission Statement

Golf is a game that lasts a lifetime.  Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned junior, the CJGA provides environments that are competitive, educational, fun, and safe for all.

The Canadian Junior Golf Association through the game of golf instills intrinsic values that include the development and growth of character, sportsmanship, discipline and integrity.

The Canadian Junior Golf Association’s mission is to enrich the lives of our youth through education, golf competition and training.

Canadian Junior Golf Association Values

The game of golf instills core values that the Canadian Junior Golf Association fosters. Our belief is that these core values help our youth grow into true champions:

  • Self-Discipline | Practicing to become the best you can be
  • Respect | For the game, your competitors and yourself
  • Integrity | being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness
  • Social Skills | Developing the ability to interact with others successfully
  • Conduct | Adopting behaviours and attitudes that the game of golf demands
  • Maturity | Experiencing success, failure, potential and limits
  • Balance | Achieving physical fitness and mental well-being

Canadian Junior Golf Association Vision Statement

The CJGA is dedicated to providing Canada's youth with the necessary skills and knowledge required to lay a foundation for their future. We recognize that the future of our Country lies with our youth.  These are your future purchasers, employees, executives, partners and golf professionals.

Their success will be determined by the efforts we make today to develop the character, maturity and personal growth that will enable them to take their rightful place in a highly competitive international environment. These are the very skills the Canadian Junior Golf Association’s programs build.  By helping junior golfers, regardless of their economic means, to develop these skills we are helping to build a strong future for Canada through and for its youth.

The CJGA Vision includes:

      • Providing help to those that cannot afford this wonderful game of golf through our association
      • Advancing the game of golf through education on and off the course
      • Improving our social responsibilities towards the interests and the welfare of society as a whole including preservation of our natural habitat
      • Preserving our culture by reminding us that we are part of a history that defines our past, shapes who we are today and who we are likely to become. It brings families together and enables people to reconnect with friends and functions to strengthen a sense of community.
      • Preserving or restoring our environment through education

Golf is a game that lasts a lifetime.  Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned tournament player, the CJGA provides an environment that is fun, safe & competitive for players of all skill levels.

No matter what your experience or skill level, there is a place for you in the CJGA’s 6-stage development program.

Level 1 – Junior Linkster Program & Clinics for Kids

·      Development stage

·      Ages 5-12 are introduced to golf etiquette and formal competition


Level 2 - CJGA Junior Tour Program

·      Opportunity to play in multi-day events

·      Tournaments are more structured and competitive


Level 3 - CJGA Regional & Provincial Tournaments

·      Opportunity for golfers who were successful at Junior Tour Events to compete in Regional and Provincial events

·      10% of golfers will move on to the next level – the rest will maintain a recreational love of the game


Level 4 - CJGA National Tournaments

·      High profile with prominent media representatives on hand

·      Golfers must apply to compete selected on past season’s performance


Level 5 - International Events/Mentoring Program

·      Golfers showing success in National qualifying tournaments are eligible to represent Canada at International events

·      Mentoring program hosted by PGA & LPGA Tour Professionals


Level 6 - NCAA & Amateur Events

·      Juniors at this stage have developed advanced mental and physical strength

·      University level in either Canada or the United States and National Amateur Events


The Canadian Junior Golf Association is an RCAAA (Registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Association) not-for-profit as designated by Revenue Canada (Registration Number 88873 8176 RR0001).